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Celebrity Spotlight: Eric Ripert wearing Vacheron ...

Celebrity Spotlight: Eric Ripert wearing Vacheron Constantin


The first week of August is coming to an end and if you haven’t seen this month’s issue of Wine Spectator featuring Eric Ripert on the cover; be sure to take a look. In this issue, we spotted Eric Ripert wearing his Vacheron Constantin American 21!

Eric Ripert in Wine Spectator

image credit: Wine Spectator
The American 21 is a part of Vacheron Constantin’s Historiques collection. The Historiques collection is composed of selected watches that have been modernized and reproduced. Making the American 1921 third in the series. Vacheron Constantin modernized the original 1920’s watch and reproduced 68 limited edition watches in yellow gold. Ripert requested and received number seven.

image credit: Vacheron Constantin

This manual watch is very unique with an interesting dial and crown placement keeping a bold design with comfortable wear. The dial is turned slightly so the 12 o’clock position is where the crown is usually located; upper right corner.

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