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King’s Rolex King Midas

Elvis Presley Rolex King Midas

Elvis Presley is known as The King of Rock & Roll. He was also known an avid collector of watches and jewelry back in the day.  “I think he considered watches more or less as a piece of jewelry; it was more of a dressy thing than really knowing what time it was. He had people to tell him when to be where.” – Jerry Schilling, a close confidant and author of Me and a Guy Named Elvis.  

Elvis Presley Rolex King Midas


One watch in particular that shows his persona and glamour of the 1970’s is the limited edition Rolex King Midas( Model Reference Number 9360).  In 1975 this watch retailed around approximately $5,500.00 and was the most expensive Rolex at the time. This watch was gifted to Elvis for performing a series of sold out shows in 1970 at the Houston Astrodome.


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