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3 Of Our Favorite Cartier Models

Here is one of Cartier’s very impressive videos.

  Cartier’s Inspiration

Cartier Watches & Jewelry is one of the most iconic French brands in history. The 150 plus years of imagination and art shaped from late 19th century Russian oligarchies to early Egyptian sarcophaguses. Cartier was and still is the choice of jewelry of royalty and celebrities. You can almost guarantee if a celebrity has a fastened gold bracelet on, that it is the chic Cartier Love. It goes without saying that Cartier is the most premiere icon of wrist wear fashion and jewelry in the 21st century. The company carries 170 years of innovation in art and design into every single item they produce. The roman numerals and often-smaller case sizes are not as explosive as a Hublot or a Rolex President’s, but are a more refined choice of accessory for a man or woman. Many of the timepieces are notably unisex.

Cartier Tank

An inspiring design influenced by French Tanks in the first Great War, the cubist movement, and early Art Deco styles; these watches are so recognizable many other companies use a similar design, such as Ralph Lauren watches. While, in modern times there are around 30 different styles of the Cartier Tank, the Tank is the prime choice if you wish to embody the epitome of class on your wrist. The Cartier Tank style is eye candy for even non-watch users as this is the watch of choice for many celebrities and politicians such as Michelle Obama, and another former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. While the Cartier Tank is a phenomenal choice for someone who wants to be more subtle with their watch wear, the new 100th Anniversary Models, Cartier Tank Louis, comes with more bling on the lugs and has a small or large option. Here is my personal favorite of the Tank’s.

Michelle Obama wearing the Cartier Tank W51008Q3

Michelle Obama wearing the Cartier Tank W51008Q3


Cartier Panthere

Cartier and panthers go hand in hand. The jewelry enterprise has had the big cat as their mascot for over one hundred years. The powerful creature perceives the jewelry and watches as the perfect balance of femininity, aggression, and magnificence. The Cartier Panthere watches follow the same ideals. Panthere watches often are petite case sizes, along with carrying quartz movements instead of mechanical to keep the watch light. This series of watches follow a more feminine approach, but are available in men’s sizes. The Cartier Panthere W25029B6 is a great example of how the panther personifies Cartier’s style across all their jewelry and watches. Cartier suggests that if a person decides to wear this watch, to wear it slightly loose. The Cartier Panthere follows the same geometric square case and Roman numerals that have become synonymous with the Cartier name(even though I have a soft spot for the Cartier Crash line.)

Cartier Panthere

Cartier Panthere


Cartier Love Bracelet

This is the most in demand piece of jewelry in the world. It is impossible to have a best of article about Cartier without mentioning the Cartier Love Bracelet. While the Cartier Bracelet has many different iterations, the design has stayed the same. Your love needs to be locked in as the bracelet is recommended to be worn at all times. Each bracelet comes outfitted with a uniquely designed screwdriver to lock the bracelet in place. The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace as a gift to a lover or significant other as they will have the “key” to unlocking the Love bracelet. Originally, the Cartier bracelet only sold to couples, but in modern times you can buy individual pieces, but it still requires some handiwork to screw the bracelet in place! A great present for significant others to gift each other to physically embody faithfulness and fondness.


Cartier Tank & Love Bracelet

Cartier Tank & Love Bracelet

Original designer Aldo Cipullo had this to say about the lockable band.

 “Love,” Cipullo said, according to The Real Real, “has become too commercial, yet life without love is nothing — a fat zero. What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent — or, at least, require a trick to remove. After all, love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.”


Cartier is a style that will never go out of fashion. The watchmakers continue to make timepieces fit for aristocrats. The company will continue to innovate in the future and make art for years to come. A Cartier watch or bracelet is not only something beautiful to look at, but a symbol for someone fit for modern royalty or to show that you are a dedicated spouse. The brand continues to exemplify and shape fashion. If you you are looking for a timepiece that isn’t as ubiquitous as a Rolex, and still operates as an art piece, Cartier is a superb choice.




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