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Founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy, Officine Panerai by 1934 was the official supplier of watches and precision wrist worn diving instruments to the Royal Italian Navy. Initially the cases of the Panerai watches were designed and manufactured by Rolex SA. Between 1938 and 1970 Panerai delivered about 1600 to Italy’s Navy. It was not until about 1993 that Panerai began offering products to the civilian market.

The brand was given a huge boost, when in 1995, after wearing the Panerai Luminor in the movie Daylight, Sylvester Stallone commissioned a short run of the model to be made featuring his signature on the caseback. It was called Slytech, and he had them made to offer as gifts to friends.

Known for its large 42mm – 44mm sport watches, In 2005 Panerai was awarded a 5-year contract with Ferrari to manufacture and distribute watches with the Ferrari trademark. In addition to the Ferrari models, included in the collection are the Scuderio, Luminor Marina, Luminor Base, Radiomir, Luminor Power Reserve, Submersible, Regatta, and the Granturismo.

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