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Men & Ladies Masterpiece's Are Rolex's Crown Jewel

Pre-Owned & Used Rolex Pearlmaster/Masterpieces

The Rolex Pearlmaster is the closest Rolex will entertain starting a line of jewelry. The Pearlmasters series has been coined by the watch community as the “Rolex Masterpieces.” While on a functional level the watches only carry the time and/or date, on an aesthetic level the watches are gorgeous to look at. Usually the Pearlmaster carries an adorned bezel with various colored gemstones along with diamonds on dial, bracelet, case, and other locations depending on the particular model. Special edition platinum, trigold or tridor and other beautiful metals are available on oyster perpetual bracelets. This is an extroverted watch designed for a person seeking to attract attention. Used Rolex's in sizes 39mm, 34,& 29 are for sell on DeMesy’s website. Inquiry by phone or email and a watch specialist will contact you for with information on pricing and other questions.

20 Item(s)

20 Item(s)
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