Have you ever wondered, “Why are Rolex watches so popular?”

For over 100 years, Rolex has maintained its image of greatness, while overcoming strong competition, innovations in technology and the changing marketplace. Rolex is iconic, synonymous with luxury and prestige. It is the most recognized luxury watch brand in the world and one of the most valuable brands as well. It produces between 800,000 and a million watches each year. Omega is the only other brand that comes close, at about 600,000.

Although Rolex has been around since the early 1900’s, they are not the oldest watch company, nor do they make the most complicated watches, what they do make is a quality timepiece, with movements that are all hand-assembled, built to last for years. The brand is known for creating many trademarked names like Twinlock and Triplock, screw-down waterproof systems, as well as Parachrom, used in hairsprings and Paraflex, a shock absorber system to protect the movements.

Rolex continues its innovative concepts with the more recent introduction of Everose, an 18k rose gold, patented and produced by Rolex in its own factory. From the iconic Datejust and President Day-Date models to the sporty Submariner, Yacht-Master and GMT models, Rolex has a style that’s made for your style.

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